Sir Creek:Solution for Pakistan’s Economic Problems

Sir Creek –Solution for Pakistan’s Economic Problems

By: Maemuna Sadaf

Sir Creek is 96 KM strip of water that is disputed between India and Pakistan in the Rann of kutch Marshland . The Creek which opens up in Arabian sea divides Rann of Kutch region of Sindh province of Pakistan and the India state of Gujrat. Both the countries have many creeks in the delta region such as Kajhar, Kori, Sir , and Pir Sanni creek. The significance of Sir Creek is that it lies between the boundaries of Pakistan and India. The far ends from border pillar and other end opens up to the Arabian Sea. The main issue has risen on the issuing of dividing line between the two countries.

Although this line is not a very huge territory and this creek also has little military value, yet it holds the immense economic gain. This creek is rich in natural resources including minerals, fish and other marine life. Much of the region is rich in oil and gas below the sea bed and control over the creek would a huge bearing on energy resources. It would directly effect the division of sea. Also once the boundaries are defined; it would help in determination of maritime boundaries which are drawn as an extension of onshore reference point.

Dispute Resolution

Pakistan stance remained consistent that the East bank of Sir Creek is the divided line between the two states. She stress that line from the pillar 1175 to the top of Sir Creek be demarcated with new pillars. Demarcate the land boundary along the green line as per resolution, Maritime boundary be delimited after land boundary dispute us amicably settled. Whereas India has shifted her stance repeatedly. India wants the East West horizontal line as the land boundary. Both the countries have submitted their claims to UN for an increase in area through claiming Shelf’s during the year 2009. Nevertheless subject claims would not be approved unless both the countries resolve sea boundary issues .

Sir creek is one such issue that needs to be resolved on priority. India’s plan of fencing would be a set back to the process that must be stopped forthwith

Since 1969 there have been 12 rounds of talks between the two nations without a break through. The 12th round was completed in June 2012. The steps to resolve the dispute includes

  1. Allocation
  2. Delimitation
  3. Demarcation
  4. Administration

Pakistan has also proposed that the two sides go in for International arbitration, which India has flatly refused. India maintains the all bilateral disputes should be resolved without the intervention of third parties.

Pakistan Navy is well equipped, well trained and one of the best Navy in the world is keeping a close eye on fast changing regional maritime scenario. Present state of flux in Afghanistan, deterioration conditions in Iraq and Iran US standoff have made the region particularly the western half of North Arabian Sea a focal point of maritime interest. Besides the project of F-22 frigates with China and operationalization and induction of P-3C aircraft Pakistan Navy is in also advance stage to acquire Z-9 helicopters and is about to finalize acquisition of New Advanced submarines. Pakistan Navy increasing her potential to defend the borders of the country.




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