“Why We are still waiting”


“If you want t o change your fate you have to change your thinking” a familiar saying.

We Pakistani’s are one of the intelligent nations. Our youth has proven the most intelligent and hardworking. We have the capacity to stand with a raised head in the nations of the world. The only drawback of this nation is lack of resources, said a senior .No , the main drawback is the lack of the thinking to use and utilize the resources and the will to do something .If one says provide the resources it is true then why not create resources. Government cannot provide employment (resources) to everyone; she can create only limited employment opportunities so why not they prove their capabilities by themselves.

Allah has blessed Pakistan with a perfect geographic location. This country can act as a hub for trade, we can trade rut to the land lock countries of the Middle East. Our ports if well developed can serve the best ports of the world. Presently Pakistan is using two of her ports “Port Qasim” and “Karachi port” and third port “Gawadar” is the most important port for the economy of the country which has not been operative yet.


“Gawadar Port” is a warm-water, deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Balochistan province of Pakistan , it’s a newly established, handed over to China for development.

Gwadar District Demography

Gwadar district covers a coastal zone. Main towns within this zone are Pasni, Gwadar and Jiwani (near the border with Iran)

Estimated population in 2004: 215,000 (Gwadar district)

  • Geographic area – 12.637 sq. km.
  • Population density – 14.7 person per sq.km
  • Coast line – approximately 300 km
  • Population of Gwadar city – estimated 80,000


Importance of Gawadar


This port is the only port of the region which exists in warm waters if operative can reduces the distance of the trade routes and alone it can provide a good increase in GDP of the country. It can also be served as a good port much better than the “Tehran Port”. When this port will be operated most of the trade will be transferred from Tehran Port to this one. Naturally it is a very good harbor for the larger ships. It is much more feasible for the large ships carry tons and tons of the weight can be ported here. So it is preferable port for trade .

India , and other international powers don’t want any of Pakistan’s industry to flourish, that’s why they always create hindrances in the way of it. India has propagandized this project negatively among the nations of the world. She has shown his concerns regarding this. Even the engineers were kidnapped and even murdered to create a negative impact to the world showing that this land is not worth investing, and also it has been projected that the security of this country is not trustable. These acts were done just to stop the project from being operative. And also it was tried to create a bad image so that if the operations start then also it would remain ineffective in attracting foreign direct investment.

If the investors inside the country invest in this type of projects they can create a lot of employment opportunities. A bold step of the internal investors can be a good deal. And if internal investor starts investing it will attract foreign investment as well. More and more industries can help in reduction of unemployment level. The money they have if invested for the country, their country fellows get employment. Every new investment creates new opportunities to the unemployed.

Why we are waiting for a miracle to happen? Why we are waiting for someone to come and change the fate of our nation? Why not we depend on our own to make miracles happen? The only thing is a will and courage to change the fate. And the key to this lock is our own hard work , self dependency and courage to do.

An Article by

Maemuna Sadaf




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