“Broken soul”


By :Maemuna Sadaf

She was looking at every one with blank face, her mother weeping carrying her in her lap. Her father with pale face , people in the hospital were also gathered around her nursing bed , media persons taking her pictures, drip injected to her arm “ Mama , what’s going on :” she asked to her mother watching in her eyes. Instead of answering her she just hugged her and started weeping more loudly. She was terrified that what has happened, why everyone looked so worried and curious. She started to think, but her mind was totally blank. In the mean while some doctor came to her, injected some tranquilizers and she went to the valley of unconsciousness

After some hours she again wakened up , again saw the same old scene .Her mind was now able to think her past. She remembered she was playing in street when an uncle called her. He has given something to eat, which was so different and unique in taste after eating that she felt so much sleepy and she went to sleep. Sleep for how many days she doesn’t know. Why she has been hospitalized she could not realize as she is merely a kid of 5 years. She could not speak any more. Every question get the answer of tears only, from her father, from her mother from every one. she was found in front if Ganga Raam hospital , Lahore brutally raped after been kidnapped

What happens to her life from this point forward??? can anyone accept her ?? No one was there to protect her from, this danger, yet we are here now to save her from a life of guilt and embarrassment as this is not her fault.

When no man wants to take her as his wife, will we accept that? When she learns the details of her attack, will she ever feel clean again?? May be never, even she is getting defame from this media coverage as no one would accept her in her family.

“Pure evil does exist in this world “and we are helpless to stop it. Our job then becomes to care for the injured and keep shame on the exact person who is guilty, not the one who already has suffered.

William James said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a person can alter his life by altering his attitude of mind” So we should open our mind .Hate criminals instead of blaming innocent either. (specially the female kid when grows up)



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